It is impossible to engage in intellectual discourse with National Socialism because it is not an
intellectually defensible program. It is false to speak of a National Socialist philosophy, for if there were
such an entity, one would have to try by means of analysis and discussion either to prove its validity or to
combat it. In actuality, however, we face a totally different situation.

At its very inception this movement depended on the deception and betrayal of one's fellow man; even at
that time it was inwardly corrupt and could support itself only by constant lies. After all, Hitler states in an
early edition of "his" book (a book written in the worst German I have ever read, in spite of the fact that it
has been elevated to the position of the Bible in this nation of poets and thinkers): "It is unbelievable, to
what extent one must betray a people in order to rule it."

If at the start this cancerous growth in the nation was not particularly noticeable, it was only because there
were still enough forces at work that operated for the good, so that it was kept under control. As it grew
larger, however, and finally in an ultimate spurt of growth attained ruling power, the tumor broke open, as it
were, and infected the whole body. The greater part of its former opponents went into hiding. The German
intellectuals fled to their cellars, there, like plants struggling in the dark, away from light and sun, gradually
to choke to death.

Now the end is at hand. Now it is our task to find one another again, to spread information from person to
person, to keep a steady purpose, and to allow ourselves no rest until the last man in persuaded of the
urgent need of his struggle against this system. When thus a wave of unrest goes through the land, when
"it is in the air", when many join the cause, then in a great final effort this system can be shaken off. After
all, and end in terror is preferable to terror without end.

We are not in a position to draw up a final judgment about the meaning of our history. But if this
catastrophe can be used to further the public welfare, it will be only by virtue of the fact that we are
cleansed by suffering; that we yearn for the light in the midst of deepest night, summon our strength, and
finally help in shaking off the yoke which weighs on our world.

We do not want to discuss here the question of the Jews, nor do we want in this leaflet to compose a
defense or apology. No, only by way of example do we want to cite the fact that since the conquest of
Poland three hundred thousand Jews have been murdered in this country in the most bestial way. Here we
see the most frightful crime against human dignity, a crime that is unparalleled in the whole of history. For
Jews, too, are human beings - no matter what position we take with respect to the Jewish question - and a
crime of this dimension has been perpetrated against human beings.

Someone may say that the Jews deserved their fate. This assertion would be a monstrous impertinence;
but let us assume that someone said this - what position has he then taken toward the fact that the entire
Polish aristocratic youth is being annihilated? (May God grant that this program has not fully achieved its
aim as yet!) All male offspring of the houses of the nobility between the ages of fifteen and twenty were
transported to concentration camps in Germany and sentenced to forced labor, and the girls of this age
group were sent to Norway, into the bordellos of the SS!

Why tell you these things, since you are fully aware of them - or if not of these, then of other equally grave
crimes committed by this frightful sub-humanity? Because here we touch on a problem which involves us
deeply and forces us all to take thought. Why do the German people behave so apathetically in the face of
all these abominable crimes, crimes so unworthy of the human race? Hardly anyone thinks about that. It is
accepted as fact and put out of mind. The German people slumber on in their dull, stupid sleep and
encourage these fascist criminals; they give them the opportunity to carry on their depredations; and of
course they do so. Is this a sign that the Germans are brutalized in their simplest human feelings, that no
chord within them cried out at the sight of such deeds, that they have sunk into a fatal consciencelessness
from which they will never, never awake?

It seems to be so, and will certainly be so, if the German does not at least start up out of his stupor, if he
does not protest wherever and whenever he can against this clique of criminals, if he shows no sympathy
for these hundreds of thousands of victims. He must evidence not only sympathy; no, much more: a sense
of complicity in guilt. For through his apathetic behavior he gives these evil men the opportunity to act as
they do; he tolerates this "government" which has taken upon itself such an infinitely great burden of guilt;
indeed, he himself is to blame for the fact that it came about at all! Each man wants to be exonerated of a
guilt of this kind, each one continues on his way with the most placid, the calmest conscience. But he
cannot be exonerated; he is guilty, guilty, guilty!

It is not too late, however, to do away with this most reprehensible of all miscarriages of government, so
as to avoid being burdened with even greater guilt. Now, when in recent years our eyes have been
opened, when we know exactly who our adversary is, it is high time to root out this brown horde. Up until
the outbreak of the war the larger part of the German people were blinded; the Nazis did not show
themselves in their true aspect. But now, now that we have recognized them for what they are, it must be
the sole and first duty, the holiest duty of every German to destroy these beasts.

    "If the people are barely aware that the government exists, they are happy. When the government
    is felt to be oppressive, they are broken. " "Good fortune, alas! builds itself upon misery. Good
    fortune, alas! is the mask of misery. What will come of this? We cannot foresee the end. Order is
    upset and turns to disorder, good becomes evil. The people are confused. Is it not so, day in, day
    out, from the beginning? " "The wise man is therefore angular, though he does not injure others:
    he has sharp corners, though he does not harm; he is upright but not gruff. He is clear-minded,
    but he does not try to be brilliant." - Lao Tzu

    "Whoever undertakes to rule the kingdom and to shape it according to his whim - I foresee that he
    will fail to reach his goal. That is all. " "The kingdom is a living being. It cannot be constructed, in
    truth! He who tries to manipulate it will spoil it, he who tries to put it under his power will lose it. "
    "Therefore: Some creatures go out in front, others follow, some have warm breath, others cold,
    some are strong, some weak, some attain abundance, other succumb. " "The wise man will
    accordingly forswear excess, he will avoid arrogance and not overreach." - Lao Tzu

    Please make as many copies as possible of this leaflet and distribute them.