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An archive of the Dr. Bill O'Brien Show! (by Permission)

William A. O'Brien

"Dr. Bill" O'Brien returned to West Virginia [he taught history at Concord in the early 1970's] from Richmond VA in 1991 to open Concord off-campus site in Beckley. Bill holds a teaching degree from Boston State College, and the Master's and Ph. D. degrees in "The American Revolution and Constitution" from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Bill has taught for more than 45 years, moving from middle and high school teaching in Boston in the 60's to college and graduate teaching at Concord, Virginia Commonwealth University [Richmond], and the universities of Wisconsin and Toronto. Since the early 90's he's taught a weekly class to seniors at the Beckley Shepherd's Center.

Dr. Bill retired from his administrative duties at Concord in June 2012, a span of 21 years that included moving into the Erma Byrd Higher Education Center in 2007 at its first tenant. During his tenure at Concord, Dr. Bill secured funding for federal and state teaching grants totaling more than $3 million and hosted a daily talk program on WWNR Radio 620. His community service includes the United Way of Southern WV, Hospice, Beckley ARH, Beckley Rotary Club, Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce, WV Public Broadcasting, WV Humanities Council, Raleigh County Historical Society, Raleigh County Read Aloud, and Raleigh County Schools.

Currently Dr. Bill is hosting an interactive internet program on the Constitution three days per week on in conjunction with the start-up of a Virtual Center for Study of the Constitution here in Beckley.
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At the present time we can only recommend Apple's iTunes as a podcasting client for White Rose content. It properly handles authentication and other issues that have been a large support problem for us.

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